Location of the Second Dhaka International University Permanent Campus

If you have heard about the main campus of Dhaka University, then you might also need to know about the dhaka international university permanent campus. Yes, this place is another building as one part of this university that also acts as the place to study on this campus. However, this permanent campus is not like the main campus of this university. That is because the main campus is focusing mainly on the administration needs of the university with some additional majors on the same area. On the other hand, the permanent campus is focusing on the study classes and some additional buildings for the administration on the same area.

If you are talking about the address, dhaka international university permanent campus is not on the same area with the main campus. Even though both of those areas are on Dhaka, the permanent campus is located at Shatarkul, Badda. It is not that far from the main campus since it takes about 15 minutes only from the main campus of this university to the permanent campus. In term of distance, it is only about five kilometers or less. Since the address of the permanent campus is different with the address of the main campus of Dhaka International University, you will also need to call the different number if you have some businesses on the permanent campus. Therefore, you should not call the main campus just in case there are some things that you need to do on the permanent campus.

For your information, the permanent campus is slightly similar with the main campus since on the dhaka international university permanent campus you will also find some majors. If you are eager to know the majors that you can find on the permanent campus, then you might need to look on its official website to learn more about those things.