What’s New on 2017 Toyota Supra

What’s New on 2017 Toyota Supra ? 2017 Toyota Supra is a brand new car that planned to be launched in this year. This latest car from Toyota Motor Corporation is an upgrade from the previous Toyota Supra 2016. There are tons of prototype snapshot about this car. Therefore, the car looks very promising with its design. This car is a project between two major companies, Toyota and BMW. The plan for its arrival is to confront the Honda NSX and Nissan GT-R R36.

2017 Toyota Supra

What’s New on 2017 Toyota Supra

Exterior Design

The exterior design on the latest 2017 Toyota Supra have many various style. The roofline of the car is long, low bonnet and has distinctive double-bubble look. The rear spoiler has upturned style just like the old concept in 2014. The both doors could let through the air thanks to a large plastic panel that attached to those doors. The rear bumper has the sophisticated looks that will allow the rear lights to look sportier.

2017 Toyota Supra Interior Design

Just as any other Japanese cars, the interior design is very impressive. The driver would have a large infotainment display that attached at the upper part of the dashboard. There is also a comprehensive instrument cluster behind the steering wheel. At this point, Toyota really wants to make a flagship car that will have any latest interior design.

2017 Toyota Supra Performances

The Hybrid engine will be pinned to this car. Since, the other car competitor such as Honda NSX and Nissan GT-R are already have hybrid engines. The V6 twin turbo will serve as the main combustion that will emit 400 dk with torque at 440 Nm. The car also have a feature that unusual among hybrid engines. The feature is called regenerative braking. While braking, the lithium ion battery on this car will recharge itself. Its weight is planned to be lighter than Nissan GT-R Nismo. Since Nismo’s weight is 1,7-1,8 tons, Toyota Supra 2017 will be weighted at 1,4 tons.

2017 Toyota Supra Predicted Price

Just like any other modern cars, this car will cost a vast amount of money. Although, Toyota has not yet confirm how much their new Supra 2017 will cost. This car could make its appearance at Tokyo Motor Show in October 2017. Since it is a japanese car, the european and american people could wait for another years at least 2019. As can be observed the car from the description above, this car could cost at approximately forty thousands pound sterling for the lowest specifications. Then for the top-spec versions could cost more than fifty thousands pound sterling.