The Basic Meaning of Dhaka International University Logo

All of the international universities in the world have their own logo and one of them is the dhaka international university logo. When you are talking about the logo of a university, you will surely notice that there are a lot of meanings that you can get from the logo. One of them is the history of the university or maybe about the vision of the university itself. If you are taking a look at Dhaka as one of those international universities in Bangladesh, you might find that the logo of this university is a little bit simple.

Basically, there is nothing wrong about the simplicity that you can get from the dhaka international university logo. That is because the simplicity of the logo itself already has the meaning that this university wants to show to the world. For example, the abbreviation on DIUH is something that can simply represent the name of the university. That can be considered as one of the easiest and the simplest ways to put in mind of the name of the Dhaka International University.

As an addition to that, the additional motto of the university on KNOWLEDGE IS POWER is considered as one motivation that the university is trying to give to all of their students. The university wants to show the world that if you have the knowledge that you need, you will have the power to change many things in this world. That is one reason why the words can be found on the dhaka international university logo. For the finishing, you will also be able to find a little historical parts of the university. It is the time of establishment. That can be found on the words on the lower part of the logo that this university was established in 1995.